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National Networks Collaborate to Address Cancer Disparities

 As one of the eight national CDC-funded networks for tobacco and cancer prevention, we would like to collaboratively express our support for  National Cancer Survivors Day by illustrating the impact that cancer has among the diverse minority populations we serve. Most importantly, though, we want to celebrate the progress made to improving the quality of life and survivorship of those affected by cancer. Our networks are committed to reducing the prevalence of cancer and addressing cancer-related health disparities. We welcome you to download our fact sheets and learn more about the research, training, initiatives and programs that are helping thousands to #CelebrateLife. Check out what each of the networks is doing here.   Additionally, we want to highlight a few of our recent activities focused around cancer prevention and geographic health disparities:

  • The Geographic Health Equity Alliance is collecting case studies to highlight in an upcoming Strategizer publication which will address geographic disparities unique to rural populations and highlight cancer prevention strategies.

  • The Geographic Health Equity Alliance promotes a monthly blog, and for National Cancer Survivors Day we are featuring the courageous story of a cervical cancer survivor. Also check out our previous blog posts, including “Breast Cancer: An Equal Opportunity Offender” and “Geographic Disparities in Lung Cancer: Will Screening Solve the Problem?”

  • During the 2nd Annual Geographic Health Equity Symposium (September 10-11 in New Orleans, LA) we will host a session on the optimal health for cancer survivors and feature a case study from a local community who applied best-practice strategies to address cancer and geographic disparities.


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The Alliance’s mission is to raise awareness about geographic health disparities related to tobacco and cancer and to support the development, dissemination and implementation of effective public health practices.
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